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Potential Virus Issue


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The kind folks at Pitstop have suggested I post regarding a potential virus issue. Dell 1525, Windows XP, purchased in 2009. All products are licensed. Any help is deeply appreciated.


The most recent advice is to download 'HiJack This'. However, we have had challenges in the downloading of AVG Exterminator, etc. The issue does appear to be somehow related to a 'Bell' modem and its interference with the the computer just prior to freezing -- and continuing now into 'Safe' Mode. I am able to operate all software at will except for those lsited below. I have read the initial 'Posting New Topic' and 'Before...' Below is a summary of the steps taken to today:


I have downloaded the 'Exterminator', as I have had earlier

suspicions of a virus. However, I have also downloaded AVG and

Malwarebytes; and, had Spybot and Ad Aware installed previously.


The issues: The computer stalls (freezes) when I run these programs, but at

varying points. For instance, Spybot stalled at appr 48k files out of

800k and stalled on the label 'fakealert.gen'.


Exterminator stalled much later in the scan at a file named



I read the forums and blogs on the Pit Stop site. I disabled the start-up tray

and had some success.


We invited a paid computer analyst to come to the home. She was able to rid

the computer of four virus' after her AVG being shut down twice off of a USB file.


I did indeed begin to work freely. However, a common recurrence

issue, wherein the Bell service (wireless modem) also freezes the

computer and, I am forced to restart Google Chrome.


Related issues: The initial 'freeze' of the entire computer began on

Thursday. It was caused by a Palm Desktop file that I attempted to

open. AVG now freezes at C:\Program Files\Palm\DateBook.dll at 4185

out-of 4186 files, among others.


I have also attempted to turn off the computer's wireless card, of

when I attempt to do so, the computer freezes; and, when I return, the

wireless card is still 'on'.


Since, I have un-installed Spybot and Adaware, I was able earlier to

run the necessary scans, defrag, etc on AVG and work freely. I wonder

if I have awoken the Virus in some way which may have never truly been



I hear the term 'hard drive failing'. However, I able to run all of

my software (except Palm) at will while in Safe Mode. Interestingly, I am

sometimes/sometimes-not able to see my wireless card in the 'Network'

area while on 'Safe'. There are a number of other issues that I

recorded and a journal I have kept. I will refrain from stating any

further info until I might hope to hear from an able person here.


Thank you in advance for any guidance.


Kind regards,


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Hello #FNK-346811, and Welcome to The PIT!


You say that you have Malwarebytes installed. Please try going into Safe Mode w/Networking and running Malwarebytes.

Also please download HiJackThis and save it to your desktop in it's own folder. Run the program and select to "Do a scan and save a log". Do Not attempt to have HJT fix anything! When the scan is finished the log will open in Notepad, copy/paste the contents of the log into a new thread that you start here > http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/forum/25-hijackthis-logs/

Also include the log from Malwarebytes first in your new thread.


Please be patient and wait for help there from one of our Trusted HJT Advisors, they are quite busy.






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