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Can't Connect To Remote Desktop

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This is the first PC problem to stump me in a few years now.. I'm trying to connect to my dad's windows 7 work pc which I just built using any of the PCs in my house. It will connect fine, and display the login screen but it will not accept the username and password (which I know are correct).

I have Mocha RDP on my iphone and that will connect and login without a hitch.


Cannot think of why this would be :pullhair:

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Thanks for the reply! I can't get my head around that... does it mean I won't need a password to access the computer remotely period, or does it mean I can get in without specifying details and then have to enter my password?


If it doesn't require a password at all then it's a big no-no for security and my dad would probably shoot me :surrender:

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