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Networking Home Study Course

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I would appreciate some assistance. I was thinking about taking a course in Laptop Repair, but I thought that most people would figure if they had to spend a certain amount of money to have their Laptop repaired they would be better off just purchasing a new one. Now because of this thought I have switched my thought to Networking. I was wondering if anyone would know of a good Home Study Computer Networking course that would give me enough knowledge to start a small business? Thank you!

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In addition to hanging out and doing a lot of reading here at the Pit, I gained additional instruction here: Home Net Help


Best way for me to learn has always been by doing, so that's what I always practice.

Networking can be particularly frustrating, but getting in there and trouble-shooting your way through them in the early years will pay off in the long run.


Have fun and don't be afraid to try! :tup:


:) Y

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