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How To Increase Speed Of Streaming Videos In Browser


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Most of the videos streaming is possible in internet all because of Adobe Flash Player. The player loads the video or any media through buffering, the process by which the media is temporarily downloaded onto your computer before playback.



Check how to change some Flash Player settings Here




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to be honest caintry this doesn't speed up your internet streaming, streaming depends totally on your internet connection speed and the amount of data that's in each frame being streamed.


first you have to wait for the cache to be filled up before playback starts, then if your internet is so slow it can't re-fill the cache as fast as the data's played on screen, after a while your still going to experience stop/start playback.


the only way round that would be to wait till it's totally downloaded before playback and that's not really streaming.


most connections nowadays are fast enough for streaming, but if you have a slow connection don't try streaming high def. streams stick to lower quality streams that need less data passed to the pc per playback frame.


and to answer your question, more cache, would give you a longer playback time before stop/start if your internet connection wasn't upto the job.



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