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Pc Not Sending Any Signal To The Monitor

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Hi PC users!


Anybody has a clue why my PC won't send any signal at all to the monitor? The PC and the monitor (actually a Sony LCD TV) have worked perfectly together for months, the cable/connection is OK. As soon as I start the PC the green LED will start flickering rapidly (instead of staying on as a continuous light). I removed the battery, put it back, I replaced the videocard... nothing happens... the PC doesn't boot at all, not even the BIOS would appear on the screen. It doesn't work with other monitor either, but the monitor will work with other PC.


Anybody any clue what's going on?...

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Same thing happened to me the other day.It was a problem with the graphics card.I removed it and then put it back and now it works fine.I now think that my graphics card is on the way out.Try that or another card.

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Hi Spider56 :wp:


i'm gonna take a wild leap n' guess that mouse meant 'boot' n' not post ;)


so checking out your motherboard would be good though someone who knows mb's much better than i will be along to help you with that, if needed....


the graphics card trick is also a good thing to try...


also, have you attempted to start-up in safe mode? you know, the F8 thing :P


if that works, do a virus scan, run disk check n' generally check out everything...


unfortunately, the problem could be your hard drive...might be corrupt files and/or folders or a sector. sooo, if you don't have a recent back-up, back-up to an external drive or DVD's. if you aren't able to do that, hopefully the hd is readable. office depot n' etc. will read your hd for about 50 bucks. have them back up everything possible including programs, setup files...well, everything on DVD's (my preference) so you can choose what you put on the new drive.


i really hope it's not the hd...i just went through that a couple of months ago. what a pain :cr@sh:


Fire :)

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Nope, I'll bet 'cha Miss mouse meant post as in Power On Self Test (POST), to gain entry to the BIOS.


Typically, no POST, no BIOS access = motherboard is toast.


:) Y


well, i'll bet ya dollars to doughnuts that you're right :lol:


sorry mouse, i wasn't trying to second guess you, maybe because i'll type a word different from the one i'm thinking about n' assume everybody else does the same... :blushing:


Fire :)

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Thanks to everybody who has tried to help!


What I failed to mention in my initial request for help was to say that this is not the first time it's happening (to switch on the PC unit and get no signal at all at the monitor). It has happened before and I tricked it just by switching the PC off and on... other time by replacing the video card with another one... other time by removing the battery and reinserting it in place... but at the moment neither of the above won't work anymore...


The ADMINISTRATOR could be right: "...no POST, no BIOS access = motherboard is toast."


I'll be back if I'll find a solution other than replacing the mother board!...

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