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Random Reboots Followed By Cannot Boot


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I have been trying to work through a solution on this for some time with no results. Seeing your website/forums has rasied some hope.


I am unsure whether this is a hardware problem, but am inclined to think it is not at this point.


Several weeks ago, I arrived home to witness my laptop in a continous attempt to reboot cycle, (partial reboot into XP with Windows SP screen showing, an aborted load, and re-attempt to boot).


I was able to boot into safe-mode, including sfe-mode with networking. Tried many restore points and typical behaviour was that the machine would run for 15 minutes to several hours and then reboot (without a BSOD error). After many week nights and several weekends of fidlng around, I restored the system to a state it was in ~ 2years ago, from a 2nd smaller/archived hard drive I had cloned to the larger one I am using now.


After catching up all Micorsoft updates, things seemed to be running well, (for an evening or 2), until an outstanding Java update was installed. The install went smoothly in the morning before work, and I shut off the machine. A short time after running the next day the system crashed while on a webpage, printing to and Adobe PDF printer.


A strange part of the behaviour is that, running for a while in SAFE-mode seems to allow an uneventful boot-up and the system will operate often for several hours. (The random reboots are not always occurring while on the internet, (browser is IE8.) On more than one occassion the re-boot happened while trying to open Control Panel


I am presently using VIPRE Antivirus premium, which has not found anything more threatening than a few cookies.


When the problem first began ocurring, I was running Norton 360, and SpyBot-SD, but neither of these found anything either. I am reasonably sure that the Norton 360 and SpyBot programs have been properly unsintaled and that the VIPRE is the only active AV program running.


I will gladly run any of the programs I have seen recommended in some of the other threads I have read, but would appreciate some guidance before dogin so in an ad hoc fashion.

You may or may not see from my profile, I have an HP Pavilion DV8000 Laptop, running Windows XP, (with Microsoft Entertainment Center).


Does the above behaviour sound at all familiar in terms of recent viruses or malware?


Thanks in advance for your guidance.

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