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Wireless Printing Problem

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Hey Guys,


I am trying to set up 2 laptops to print wirelessly at a friends house. Heres where I am at...


1 x Dell laptop OS Windows 7 Home - Is connected to the wireless router, can get internet and can ping router and Acer laptop. Cannot ping printer.


1 x Acer laptop OS Windows 7 Home - Is connected to the wireless router, can get internet and can ping router and Dell laptop. Cannot ping printer.


Netgear DG834 Wireless router - Seems to be working properly. Default values etc.


Epson SX525WD All In One Wireless printer - Has an IP address assigned ( using DHCP and LCD reports Network settings are setup correctly.


The printer is listed in Printers and faxes, but is greyed out and looks offline. Printing fails.


I installed the drivers and software from the CD that came with the printer. Once it didnt work I uninstalled everything, then reinstalled using the add printer function in windows and inputing the IP address - still no joy.


Firewalls have been switched off.


Do the laptops go through the router to get to the printer? I thinking I may have to setup something on the router like an isolation/access list? (thats what I will be trying anyway when I go back to the friends house).


Any suggestions would be appreciated and very welcome, as I am beginning to struggle!


Thanks in advance.

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Have you checked the anti-virus program? ... It may be blocking the connection.


Thanks Jacee. :)


The Acer has AVG, so I dont think that will be stopping it as I have never had a problem before with AVG. Unless it changes for the 2012 version? Will check though.


The Dell has Norton Security with AV and Firewall. I have disabled the firewall, not sure If I will have to let it through the AV as well? Will check that as well.

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You may have a LAN address problem caused by DHCP when a PC is rebooted and another PC is off. I have an HP printer connected to router via ethernet and to avoid any address conflict via DHCP on my Belkin router, I have changed the DHCP assigned range to to 100 and keep to 5 for the router and printer etc. Note that my firewall has local zone set to to 100 to allow access to all on LAN.

Try assigning a fixed address to your printer, say; should be possible to do this via printer interface.

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Thanks Roleo.


Tried static IP tonight, but it didnt work. :mrsgreen:


I brought the printer and the Dell laptop home with me, so I could spend more time trying to suss it out.


I have windows XP on my laptop at home, so I downloaded the driver installed it and gave it a static IP ( and bingo it worked!


Once I get the Dell owners password to get onto the laptop (forgot to get it when I was there), Im going to try and so the same. Forget about all the Epson software and just install the driver, set a static IP and see how it goes.


Im hoping its not a windows 7 issue! It does print fine on the Dell using a USB cable, but thats not what it was bought for.

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Check to be sure to entered the correct security key for the network access


Several manuals are listed here







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Ok, finally got this to work on both laptops.


A combination of using windows to add a printer, static IP address and using just the driver from the Epson site, got this printing from both laptops.


The Epson scan driver installs, but seems to have a problem near the end of the install. So when you open the Epson Scan application on one of the laptops it crashes. I can use the LCD panel on the printer to send a scanned image on the same laptop and it works fine. The application on the other laptop works fine. So not worried.


Thanks for all the help and advice guys. ;)

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My name is SUBHANKAR and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell.


Regarding the issue please check the colour of the WIFI light. If it’s green need to power-cycle the printer & then check whether the system is getting the printer IP otherwise uninstall the printer completely from control panel & reinstall the printer driver from manufacturer’s website.

Make sure you install the printer driver using USB first & then can connect the same wirelessly.


Hope that would resolve the issue.



DELL-Subhankar S

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