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How To Enter Unicode Characters With The Keyboard


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Seeking how to type Unicode characters I found this:


- - - -

Microsoft Standard English (United States 101) Keyboard

Typing International & Special Characters using the <Alt> key and the right-side numeric keypad. <Num Lock>key must be on!

- - - -


You know, Charmap gives no clue on that, only the keys combinations and the option to select, copy and paste Unicode characters.


Here is how:


1. Type the 4-digit Unicode (hexadecimal) value of the character, including the leading zero if applicable. (Optionally, the value string can also begin with U+)

2. Press "ALT X" - this is the ALT key and the X key at the same time.


Microsoft Word, Wordpad and some other applications will replace the string to the left of the insertion point with the character you specified.

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