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Sheur2 On Ipod?


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AVG Resident Shield came up with a threat detection message when I plugged my iPod in just now. It says autorun.exe has been infected with a Trojan horse SHeur2.TPY


I googled the problem and read online that it might be a rootkit from Sony's attempts at anti-piracy which is being mistakenly detected as a virus by AVG. However, I've had the iPod for a long time without getting this error and it also seems strange that it would be detected in autorun.exe rather than an actual music file.


As a precaution I've unplugged my iPod, but I haven't taken any futher action yet.


Can someone tell my if this is an actual virus or not, and if so, what should I do about it? Is it a case of just downloading some tools and fixing the file or do I have to reformat my iPod (I'd rather not since I have songs and movies on it which I no longer have on my PC so I would have to download gigabytes of stuff which would take ages), and what are the chances it has infected something on my computer too?



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I did a scan with MBAM, which turned up 0 malicious items. So it looks like the computer itself is fine. I'd still like an opinion on the iPod though - whether it is a virus or just mistakenly identified and what I should do about it. Cheers.

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