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Jered Weaver Just Became My Favorite Baseball Player


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"If $85 (million) is not enough to take care of my family and other generations of families then I'm pretty stupid, but how much money do you really need in life?" Weaver said Tuesday. "I've never played this game for the money. I played it for the love and the competitive part of it. It just so happens that baseball's going to be taking care of me for the rest of my life."


Weaver, 28, may have left tens of millions on the table by signing 15 months before he reached free agency. He might have been able to get a deal that approaches the seven-year, $161 million contract CC Sabathia signed with the New York Yankees before the 2009 season.




Heh, heh, and he won't become a Yankee and he went against his agent Scott Boras. :)

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