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Hello ~


first, please know that not all cookies are bad cookies....


second, what Report? and what is the Operating system you are running?


third, you can find out where the cookies are from by downloading IECookieView found at > http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/iecookies.html <. if they are bad-boy cookies, you can use the program to delete them...


fourth, now that you know where they are from, go to FileHippo and download CCleaner. once opened, click Options n' then click Cookies. it is there that you can 'tell' CCleaner which cookies are ok to keep n' when you use the cleaner it delete all others. tho be very careful when cleaning the Registry n' always opt for having a back-up.


hope that, at the very least, gets you off in the right direction. please post back as we like to know if our replies were helpful or if you have more questions....


Fire :)

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