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Backup Facebook

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If you're an AVID Facebook user you'll have a lot of information on the site. It's a good idea to make a backup so, should Facebook fail, you won't lose everything, of course it is entirely up to you if want to take the trouble.


Sign into Facebook and then open the Account menu on the top right. Choose Account Settings. At the next screen CLICK "Download a copy of your Facebook data" At the next screen click the Download button and then, when the dialogue box appears, click Download again. Facebook displays a message saying that it’ll take time to gather all your info (might take awhile) Click OK. Facebook goes off to do its thing and displays a little ‘Pending’ message.


When Facebook has finished its gathering, all your information will be put it into a compressed zip file. When it’s ready an email will be sent to the account you use to sign into Facebook: open this message and click the link in the body. The default web browser will open and you’ll be asked to sign into Facebook again, and then after that, to retype your password. Next, click the Download button, click Save, choose a destination for the file (like the desktop) and click the Save button again to start the download.


Open the folder inside that and you’ll see your Facebook information, photos and so on. Double-click on the Index icon and your web browser will load your Facebook profile as if it was a website, together with links to your photos, messages and so on.


Step 1


Posted Image


Step 2


Posted Image


Step 3


Posted Image


Step 4


Posted Image


Step 5 What you will see after unzipping the downloaded file.


Posted Image

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