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Confused On Hardware/layers Acceleration In Firefox

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I am not sure what values I should give the following settings to enable Hardware and Layers acceleration in Firefox. Also will it make the web pages more readable and or render faster?


I get confused when I read on which settings work best and what the best values to apply.


Here are the settings that confuse me and the current values I have in about:config-


gfx.direct2d.disabled false

gfx.direct2d.force-enabled true

layers.acceleration.disabled false

layers.acceleration.force-enabled false

layers.prefer.d3d9 true

layers.prefer.opengl true


I still have XP and a Pentium 4 (I know it is old but it sure runs well for me) and can't afford a new computer. I actually spend more time using the computer at the library than I do at home.


But I do actually like Firefox so if anyone can assist me with the correct settings I would appreciate it!


Thank you!

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