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Massive Virus Problems

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hi folks, hope i can get some help...i have an eight year old Dell desk top (XP) that recently has been showing signs of impending doom...i run Norton anti-virus and use spybbot, malbytes and microsoft security eseentials...my problems started with what i found out was a TMP file virus...i started getting a temp file on my desktop ZLZIEAQML.TMP...then i started going through the google redirection...i looked up both issues and started the processes to clean them up...one of these things was to go into my windows file, access the WIN 32 file, open DRIVERS and then the ETC file and finally the HOST file...in looking at that open file (using notebook) i was told there should only be one address line for local host, mine had hundreds if not more, i tried deleting all the excessive address lines but i couldn't...i installed Kaspersky TDSSKiller and ran it along with Norton and my other programs and CCCleaner...i rebooted and everything seemed OK at first...then i saw that all my connections were gone so i went to system restore and the only restore point i could find was about 2 hours previous...i did that and all my connections came back but then i started getting pop ups claiming i was under attack and needed to get Microsoft Security Essentials which i though was weird since i already had that on my system...not only that but that it said it cost $69 annually when even (novice that i am with this stuff) i know that it's free...well i closed these pop ups but they continued to hit me like crazy...i then tried to run my different anti virus programs and they refused to open...i got messages like "you are not authorized to view this" or "windows cannot access the specified device, path or file"....i opened each program manually and tried to engage them but to no avail...i was able to access PCPITSTOP.COM after numerous redirects (even with typing directly into the address bar)...one there i read about using HighJackThis...i tried but after installing and trying to run the program it seemed to only get some of the neccessary info before shutting down...i then shut down and disconnected the ethernet device...now know that i had planned on buying a new system after this coming Christmas, after all as i said, this one is eight years old...so should i reformat this and try to eke out another 5 months out of it or try to convince my dear wife we need to move up the purchase of a new one...i know a little about reformatting this old one but not much, basically i'm pretty much a novice on this kind of stuff period..as they say a litlle knowledge can be worse then none at all...so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated...muchisimos gracias in advance!

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