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Control Panel - Alternate "view"

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I accidently discovered this different 'view' of the Control Panel. Open Control Panel > click on the 'large icon' view from the Category drop-down menu > then type "c", without the quotes, upper or lower case, in the Search box and Control Panel now appears with clickable links beneath each Category. [looks like your Favs if you use Bookmark Wizard) It's just too easy and for me - extremely helpful.


There were times when I'd open Control Panel, knowing exactly what I wanted but not sure which Category it was in. The links are super handy and often there are more links to issues than expected or at least more than I expected....


I dug around a bit n' didn't find this posted so hopefully I'm not being redundant.


Fire :)

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Create a new folder on your desktop.


Rename the folder:



This will change to an icon;


Posted Image


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that acts as a shortcut to the control panel links you've found.


Nice one though

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You don't even have to call it god mode, as long as you keep the string intact you can give it any name you want


I kind of liked God Mode so never changed it.

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It's gratifying to know that some folks were helped by the 'tip' n' I thank-you for those replies :)


it seems, to me anyway, that going through the various steps to put a 'g-d mode' folder on the desktop is....well, a tad much when simply opening Ctrl Panel n' putting a 'c' in the search box will do the trick.


Maybe it's because of where i have Ctrl Panel located - just under the Start button - that way I'm able to see the jumplist as well. i've got Ctrl Panel stashed in a few other places simply for my convenience.


After all, isn't all this about 'my convenience' :lol:


Fire :)

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