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Bad Image Errors And More


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Hi, after reading through many posts and topics I decided to ask you guys for help.


A few weeks ago I received a virus calling itself "anti-malware doctor" while browsing the internet. I thought I destroyed it by disconnecting the internet and deleting the files it downloaded. I also went into msconfig and disabled it's startup and services check-boxes. The computer worked fine for awhile after that but.. now it's begun to crash in 3d applications/games. after it crashes I get a blue screen upon login and then the computer wont post. I turn it on and it does nothing at all, so i turn it off and on until it boots up finally. I didn't worry about any of that to much until today.


Now my computer wont run many installed programs, either giving me a "Bad Image" error that names a DLL, or telling me that the program is not installed at all.


In an attempt to solve the issue I noticed that my windows search function is also not working at all.


I've run virus scans and read countless blogs and forum posts.. nothing helps and the forums relating to this issue seem to be different for each person... I'm not and idiot and I used to consider myself pretty computer savvy... But frankly, I'm stumped, and wiping my system is at the moment, impossible.


The system is a Toshiba Satellite A505 laptop, running a legitimate copy of Windows 7x64bit. If you need any other information, just tell me what you need and how to find it.


Please, some one help me.

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Hi Maskan and Welcome to The PIT!!

Download HiJackThis and save it to it's own folder on your desktop.

Open the program and select to "Do a scan and save a log".

After the scan finishes it will open the log in Notepad, copy/paste the contents of the log in a new thread that you start here > http://forums.pcpitstop.com/index.php?/forum/25-hijackthis-logs/

Please wait for assistance there from one of our Trusted Advisors, they are quite busy and we've been shorthanded lately.






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