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Photo Slideshow - Dvd

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Looking for a recommendation for software to make a photo slideshow dvd. My needs are VERY simple. I don't need background music or fancy transitions. i just need the ability to play the thing on a set-top dvd player where each photo is actually a paused scene. In other words, I would like the user to be able to advance the photos herself.




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Hey myk. I don't really know of any programs that would let the user manually advance the slideshow. OpenShot is very easy to import pictures (make sure they're the same resolution or it'll look a little goofy going through different sized pictures) and set how much time they display for. Add a few transitions and some background music, this project wouldn't take more than an hour.


However, I was trying to Google "dvd photo slideshow ubuntu"and came across this which appears to be using a CLI but I read a GUI was also available for it. It might help.

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pretty sure i've just burned pics to a dvd using k3b without using any other software, and the dvd player just shows the first until you click next on the remote.


no dvd player at the moment so can't test for you psicon.


sounds like that's all you want. :shrug:



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