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Mistake In Test Results?

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I ran the Full Test on my new HP Pavilion Slimline s5713w Desktop computer.


Disk Performance Test it shows


Drive Capacity Uncached Speed Typical Value

C:\ 463574 MBs 62 MB/s Unknown MB/s


And then it states:

About Disk Speeds

"Our disk speed test measures... drive can usually be found in your "disk details" or "hardware list".


When I clicked on “disk details” it shows:

Under Disk Details, under “Performance” It showed a Red “.” -

(red)"• Free Space (Drive C:)" indicating a “Serious problem”

But when I clicked on Drive C it shows:

Free Space (Drive C) Disk 92% Free

424411 MB


Why does it show Drive C Free Space at 92% a “Serious Problem”?


If this is a mistake, how do I know what else PC Pitstop is showing are mistakes?

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Please post an OverDrive link so that we can see what is taking place on your computer. If you have not done so already, you will need to register an account and login, then run the full tests from the link below, then copy and paste the URL from the results page into your reply:




If you need help, there is a tutorial here:



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