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Ap Monitor Appears In Taskbar


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One of my computers is seriously affected (by a worm?) I have posted the hijack this log in the appropriate section.


I had previously noticed a taskbar box showing 'AP Monitor' (green and black icon) appear quickly and then disappear.


I am using a secondary laptop (160RAM!!!) and saw the same icon, tonight, appear in the taskbar box and quickly disappear.


Is this something that should concern me, as I did not download this program and does not show in programs.


I have genuine concerns about being monitored, though try not to become overly dramatic about it, hoping what is happening is a generic problem.


Is this program attached to something I downloaded or could it have been 'sent' to me?


Appreciate any input.


(All my files delete at times after my pc becomes non responsive for a while)

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I have discovered that this is related to Advanced System Care.


I am spending hours a day trying to figure out why all my files delete as soon as I open them.


If I click on a desktop icon I am asked if I want to delete and have to restart computer to get rid of the window.


I added a log to HJT section but so far have had no response after a couple of weeks. Should I continue to wait (I appreciate it is voluntary) or is this a problem that cannot be fixed and that is why there is no response?


I cannot boot into Safe mode. Unless I click on F2 when restarting, my screen goes to BIOS set up and sometimes will not respond to any changes or exiting so I have to reboot again.


I have used as many scans as possible. Unfortunately, when set up attempts, the 'location' is deleted and if I try to browse and add a location it asks me if I want to delete, which means I have to reboot again as task manager goes crazy and adds many error pages.


I refuse to give up, but running out of ideas.


Appreciate any input or suggestions.


Should I add a new HJT log?

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