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Fake Virus, Stdrt.exe Removal

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I had some serious problems with the STDRT.EXE viruswhich has caused problems in Europe, Africa and now me in Australia. Bigpond in Western Australia has confirmed inconversation with me that they have not had any customers to date who haveexperienced massive usage meter losses attributed to this virus. In my researchto eradicate it, I have only found one person who besides me, experienced anadditional problem directly caused by the "stdrt.exe" file. I mustapologize to that person as I can't remember the website or his name. We bothexperience our CPU running at 60% plus and also realized that we were losing4GB-7GB per hour off our monthly download allocation. I blamed Bigpond inAustralia, but after four months of losing 25GB in less than a day, I decidedto research it and found this chaps entry that he also was losing over 4GB perhour, 60% plus CPU and a very slow computer. NOTE; I was not using a PS3,YouTube, P2P or streaming music or video in that four months. The data was notdecreasing my HD free space amount either. Both of us experienced massive GBloss into cyberspace.. We have no idea where it was going except off ourmonthly IP account usage meter. I followed his advice to immediately go to taskmanager and shut down stdrt.exe and run Malwarebytes.. I ran the paid versionwith success and that program totally removed the virus from my laptop. I will say that neither of us knew where itcame from at the time of removal, however, I do remember having a problem witha very nasty anti-virus removal program called Antivirus.net where this person,through a popup, somehow installed his file and then refused to remove the problemunless I paid him $60.00 US. I ran Malwarebytes (free version) to get rid ofhis popup demand for money.. Which it did, but the free version must have leftpart of his virus behind leaving me with a somewhat troublesome dilemma. Usethe paid version. While checking your computer for the existence of the file,make sure you disconnect from the Internet to prevent your monthly downloadallocation disappearing into cyberspace. I read in the news in May that a father & son in the US were caughtand forced by the courts there to pay a fine of over 8 million dolIars US.. Ihope it was him!! I would like anyonewho experienced massive IP download allocation losses to leave that informationat this forum. Good hunting.


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