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Need Help To Find, Not Cure Nasty Stuff


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Does anyone know of a specific malware - virus, trojan, etc., that can turn your DSL modem on and off like a stoplight several times a minute - and with no bytes moving in either direction, whether the modem is on or off? I have to keep pumping the "refresh" button - only then do any bytes move, and they do so whether it is properly connected or turned off. Yet, even with bytes moving, my problems with pages and videos are unchanged. Reinstalling the modem did no good.


I'm sure this is a hack. I've posted in User to User help, and my problem is quite unique, and the problems are MANY, but I thought I'd try here to see if any people with the programming expertise can be found who might recognize this symptom as a specific and known type of malware. I strongly suspect a registry entry, but there's only so much you can do to police the registry. If scanners don't catch it, there's little chance that I would.


I'm protected by AVG Free, ZA Pro, and often do AVG scans in DOS, as well as scans with S&D and AdAware Pro. No results that aren't piddly. When browsing pages involving certain subjects, I can get as many as 500 popups from ZA about blocked accesses. Browsing on other topics only yields a normal 20-50.


I have googobs of other problems from this hack, but am focusing here on only this one.


Viruses and such are fairly well known, but not enough is known about them. I wish there was a site to go to where you could enter your symptoms and get a result that identifies names of certain malware(s) that could be the intruder. You could then scan for it specifically. FINDING mine is what I want to do, so if it happens again, I'll know what to look for.


Nobody welcomes a format of C: knowing that they'll remain vulnerable to the people who made it necessary.


Whether a virus or trojan or other malware, this is a very definite hack job, focused on me very specifically. There may be other people they attack similarly, but I know of none. I know why I'm getting them, and in a very broad sense, I know who. Many of the symptoms are grossly unsubtle, but I think they're doing much more than I can detect. I don't know specifically who they are, or where they're sending from. Their intention is entirely malevolent. I could care less about that, because I expect it of them - except that their destructive measures WORK. When I format C: I'd kinda like to know how to keep this from happening a third time, know what I mean?


Most of the problems I've posted about are not new. I've had them before. A format of C: was what it took last time and will be done again very soon.


I'm trying to find out WHAT it is, how many infections there are, WHERE they are on my system, HOW they got in right past my protections, and of what kind they are. I also want to know precisely what they do, which is probably more than I already know about. There could be a keylogger, and I KNOW they've tried to open documents. Scans find nothing. The goal is not to cure them, because the format will do that much. My goal is to know enough about them to prevent it happening yet again.


BTW, HijackThis has always worked on my PC (W98SE), but now it crashes. When my DSL modem will LET me download the huge file, I plan to install Ubuntu after the format. It doesn't look very promising at the moment.


So, what known malware can do this to me? How can I FIND it? And, BTW, is there a freeware that can stealth my IP address? That might help.



H. B.

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I don't have any "good answers" to your questions above.


But I do have a possible suggestion.


Since you are running Win98SE, your machine is also probably older?

And you mentioned that buying a router is out of the question.


Here's my suggestion...

Many/most communities have some sort of Community Service Center which will know about recycled computers.

There are scads of recycled machines out there, plus screens, printers, routers, and other peripherals.


Check with your Community Action Center/Agency and you may discover how you can easily upgrade your machine and system to make it more functional and more secure or more likely get a much more modern/powerful machine running XP at low-cost/no-cost. Give it a try. :).


Otherwise, your idea of Ubunto could be a workable solution.


Addressing your actual persistent problem of internet access loss due to Modem turning off repeatedly...


Modems do wear out. Yours could be on the way.

Consider installing a new one.

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Let's try flushing the DNS cache and restoring MS's Hosts file


Copy and paste these lines in Note pad.


@Echo on


attrib -h -s -r hosts

echo localhost>HOSTS

attrib +r +h +s hosts


ipconfig /release

ipconfig /renew

ipconfig /flushdns

netsh winsock reset all

netsh int ip reset all

shutdown -r -t 1

del %0


Save as flush.bat to your desktop.

Double click on the flush.bat file to run it. Your computer should shut down and reboot.


Now, if this doesn't work ... consider what Doug is telling you:

Modems do wear out. Yours could be on the way.

Consider installing a new one.

!***If by chance you are using a neighbor's paid Internet connection (which has been accomplished by many), then they have every right to get rid of your connection to the Internet.

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