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Running Hard Drive & Clean Scans

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I just brought my computer back from paying to get it uninfected, but I swear it is still infected. I use Webroot antivirus and it isn't picking up any cookies, which is not normal for it.


I just restarted the computer and got a bunch of messages with Spybot about Firewall Authorized Applications the changes are deletions: C:\KAV\kis\setup.exe Old data: C:\KAV\kis\setup.exe.*.Disable:Kaspersky Internet Security 7.


It keeps popping up a bunch of Firewall changes and they don't seem to stop. The hard drive is buzzing all the time now too. Something isn't right.

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At first glance, it appears that you technician may not have cleaned up at least one of the tools that may have been used when disinfecting your machine.


Do you ordinarily run Kaspersky Antivirus as your main AV?

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