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How Do I Know If Something Is In My Router?

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I am working on a browser re-direct problem in another thread, do not want to complicate that one with this question BUT I need to know!


I have a Netgear wireless, WNDR 3300. We did not use the default passwords, re-set everything and also have it set so anyone getting on the network has to have their wireless card registered on the router.


Two family members are visiting in my home and accessing the internet through my network. One is wired in, the other is wireless, both on Windows 7 OS.

They have both picked up something on their laptops that is messing up their browsers, they are now not able to use their computers for needed schoolwork.


Two other family members on the network (we have a total of 4 computers permanently attached, all are wired in) to the network, the two with Windows 7 OS are not experiencing any problems so far.


ALL users have avast a/v in place, and regularly run scans with spybot and malwarebytes. How could this happen?


How do I know if my network (my router?) are infected?


Thanks a bunch,






The windows 7 user cannot access the internet now. She gets a red screen with a little picture of policeman and a message "this page does not support your browser version. Please update your browser now". She does not, of course, click the update button.

PS3 related? Apparently someone in the house tried to make the PS3 (also on the network) see the files on the computer.


Could THAT have done it?

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