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With Windows 7's Aero features turned off, my 2d video score is 140. If I turn on Aero, my 2d score jumps to 260. This seems counter-intuitive but I can imagine why that might be.


However, that leads me to ask whether it is the way the PCP 2d test is written - ie. is this because the test expects Aero to be turned and can't cope if it isn't? Or is it the card and/or its driver which performs better with Aero turned on? Either way, which gives a true measurement of 2d performance? In the real world, is 2d going to be worse with Aero turned off?


My card is ATI HD5450. Everything is up to date.




David M

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The 2D test was written 10 years agao, before Windows 7 and Aero were even on the drawing board. I'm guessing that the video card or the driver performs better with the Aero features enabled. 2D tests the everyday functions of the desktop, but that fact that it scores higher with Aero on should carry over into real-life use.

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