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Wipe Vs. Format Vs. Delete

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In the following article from a site I visit often, the author uses the terms wipe, format, and delete. What's the difference?


Optional but highly recommended, Wipe the target installation drive. No self-respecting Geek would ever do an upgrade install to a new OS. If you insist on doing an upgrade then skip this step. I usually use an Acronis Disk Director boot disk for this but there are other tools available. Please note, I do not recommend using any method other than the installation disk to format the drive. I've heard scattered reports of problems using other methods.


My preferred method is to backup all my files to an external hard drive (this is what I have). Then boot computer with either an Acronis Disk Director boot disk or UBCD4Win disk. Once I boot these up I delete and wipe the partitions, then create new ones (ensure the partition you install 7 on is an active partition). I format the partitions again from the Windows 7 disk during the install.

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I'm no expert in this but:


-Delete/Wipe is the same exact thing. It just involves deleting any partitions (allocated space on a disk, generally for an Operating System) and with it, any data that is contained on said partition.


-Formatting a drive deletes all data and then prepares the drive to be setup for a particular filesystem (like FAT32, ext4, etc.).


Essentially it's all the same and the end result is you have nothing left on a disk.

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