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Help please, the PCPitstop Forums aren't working right for me.



First: All the smileys have disappeared from the "reply" screen. The "post emoticoms" are still present, but only a small sliver of an icon is visible at the far left of the post emoticom window. I think it is a radio button, and it is clickable, but I don't know what it does.


Second: After logging in, the Your Profile window opens and will not close. It obscures part of the search box, part of the RSS feed button, and maybe more.


Third: On Login, "Remember Me" cannot be disabled.



Loading the forums gives me one cookie, and logging in places four more. Except for the "anon" cookie, I can delete them but they always come back.


I can live with the other stuff, but I sure do want the smileys back.


Any help appreciated.

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Still a problem?

Or maybe resolved itself already?


Last PM I had a temporary inability to post replies, followed by inability to access the Pit.

But it cleared up overnight.


All the features you mention are working correctly from my point of view.


You could possibly benefit from the usual routine...


Clear your cookies and temps.

Clear your JAVA cache

Clear your DNS

and some might think this unnecessary, but clear your PreFetch


Then attempt to login again.

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Thanks for the reply.


Cleared cookies

Don't have Java yet

Don't know how to clear DNS or Prefetch


All problems remain.


I replaced XP with Win7 one week ago. Can't find Admin acct.

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To Clear your DNS...


It actually "should" empty out every time you reboot.


But for this exercise


Open a Command Prompt

start - all programs - accessories - cmd.exe


Run box -cmd.exe - enter


At the blinking cursor type: ipconfig /flushDNS <-- notice the space between g /



For emptying your PreFetch


start - run - type: Prefetch - select all files listed in Prefetch and delete




C:\Windows - Prefetch - select all files and delete.



Lotsa folks here at the Pit and at Window SevenForums will say that emptying Prefetch is a waste of time and will cause boot and application loading to be sluggish until Prefetch becomes populated again.

They are right.

But if you are having problems with a file loaded in Prefetch, it needs to go.

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Not worried about temporary slowdown (insert ROFL smiley here)


Cleared DNS cache

Cleared Prefetch

Cleared Pitstop cookies


Same problems


The good side is that none of this keeps me from posting.

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I probably should have mentioned that I use Firefox. Sorry if it caused confusion.


Can't find "Compatibility View Settings" in Firefox Tools, View, or Help.


Google lists "Compatibility View Settings" with references to IE.

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:blushing: Hold everything. It's all good now. :blushing:


The culprit--Noscript. I now have it disabled on the Pitstop Forums page.


I didn't provide as much information as I should have, and for that I'm sorry--I know that your time is valuable.


Thank you Doug and Jaycee for your efforts. :clap:

Edited by rhizome
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Ahhh! It "is" all good now. ::


I should have thought to have you look in that direction earlier.


Thanks for posting your solution, others.

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