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Was I Sold Bad Mem?

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my 10 year old computer had 3 pieces of mem totaling 256.

i just bought all new mem for this old computer. intel se440bx-2. the intel revision specs allows 3 pieces of 256 each for a total of 768.

i replaced the 10 year old memory with the 3 brand new pieces.

this gives total memory of 768 and allows me to dual boot win xp and win 7.

but pitstop says my new mem is really bad.

it gives a score of "bottom 1%" and says the speed is 3069 mb/sec.

should i claim back on the seller?

or is this level of speed typical for such an old motherboard?


other scores on this old board are:

( in win xp )

cpu bottom 8% 4172

ram 1% 3071

video bottom 14% 87

3 D vid bottom 20% 136

disk top 9% 89

internet top 26% 11640

all up bottom 35% 1731




the slow mem not seem to cause any problem xp.


above is xp. for win 7:

in win 7 32 bit ultimate some slowness noted but using a flash drive as ready boost helped.

there are some driver problems too in win 7 with my radeon 9000 so vid scores not as good.

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Thankyou for the excellent suggestion. i went into bios. the mb is 11 years old. you cannot vary the memory speed.

however it did verify the memory. additionally when i came out of bios and got to the dual boot screen win 7 offered me a comphrehensive memory test which i took. it found nothing wrong with the memory.

so thanks to you we know memory is fine only very slow. it is pc 100 memory.

it was purchased from edge tech corp. they seem to sell a lot of this old mb memory.

my intel board is se440bx-2 which they list and give the memory for.

thanks for the help.


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