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Browsers Being Redirected

Andrew S.

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Browsers are being redirected to random sites when I try to search. Not porn sites as yet, (unless one considers Nissan service porn). Good news is I can reach favourite sites through shortcuts.

I have run Superantispyware, Malwarebytes and the Sophos root kit detector however all have returned a clean bill of health.


I down graded from my default ie 8 back to ie 7 and even to Chrome, but it made no difference.

Is there anything I can do in the registry or in System 32 that will fix this problem?

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Thanks for that. I am running a full Stinger scan right now and it has identified an Artemis virus.

The Stinger may or may not remove it, but I am happy that it has finally been identified. That will give me something to work with. I imagine the scan will take another hour or two so I'll let it run its course.

I have tried numerous Google suggestions but this is the only scanner that has found anything.

Thanks again, I owe you.

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Andrew --


Your best course of action is to post over in our HijackThis Logs Forum, in order to get assistance from one of our Trusted Advisors.

Read here before posting



I cannot support the chaotic recommendations posted in the Kioskea.net link.

No disrespect to Mel8again is intended as he has helped many here and has proven himself to be a very valuable member of the Pit.


The "shotgun" approach of Kioskea in that Thread, ranges from questionable registry fixes, through use of advanced tools that should not be used without consultation from "Trained and Certified Experts",.

As I read the posts in that thread, I had an image of being wheeled into an operating room, only to find a mob of villagers with garden tools and a few sticks of dynamite ready to perform surgery.


As to Stinger. Hey, it has been a good "list based" scan and remove tool for many years.

Trouble is, many of today's malware infections disguise themselves with dynamically changing file names, such that "a list based" tool becomes ineffective.


As for discovering an "Artemis virus", I doubt it.

Rather, Stinger which uses a Trademark technique known as Artemis to scan the machine did discover "something" with its Artemis technique.


I'll move this Post over to Virus, Spyware, Adware Forum


And I strongly recommend that you take the next step to Post freshly in the HijackThis Logs Forum.


Best Regards

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Doug thanks.

The Stinger claimed it had deleted 2 viruses however the problem remains. I'm going to try to remove it myself before conceding to the Hijack Forum.

I need the experiance of at least trying.

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