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Internet Explorer Randomly Opening, New Programs Not Working

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Hi Guys,


Basically since about 3 days ago IE opens 3 times on startup every time, even in safe mode (It is not in startup menu that i could see). Further more it randomly opens throughout the day, sometimes up to 7 times!


If i open IE it always opens multiple windows, yesterday i DL'd Skype and Chrome, both of these work when I first boot, but after that they "Not Responding" and then if I try to open them it just instantly says "Not Responding Windows is searching for a solution"


I'm not sure if these factors are related or not, but would appreciate some help to at least fix the IE issue,



Bit of background, I have run MalWare AntiBytes (Upto date) and Super Anti Spyware (Uptodate) both found a couple of things, and removed, but nothing major.


Since then I have reinstalled Java, removing all old version (Not sure why, but Ive been meaning to do it for a while)


I have HJT logs, as well as GMR and OTL logs if they would be of any help, but it said not to post unless asked, so I havent included

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