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Fast Firefox Startup With Firefox Preloader


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I found this little application that i had never heard before and it's really doing the job. Firefox usually takes 4 or more (i have read people with 8 sec problems) seconds to open. But with this, Firefox will be loaded into memory (RAM) on boot.





Visit the homepage Firefox Preloader or download the Windows version Here




Note: The only downside is that it's suitable for computer with 2GB or more of memory due the fact that the browser is loaded into memory and it will take ate least the amount it was taking before when using it normally.


I tested the program and now the browser open in 2.7 seconds, whenever it opened in 8 seconds before. Give it a test and check yourself if it helps you.

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I have no problem with firefox it opens between 3½ & 4½ seconds normaly generaly 5 or less Windows 2000 Pro eTower 366c Delhi III mobo.AMD K6-III+ 400ATZ OC'd to 600 MHz ,512 MB ram ,160 Gig Western Digital, oh and home page is set to Google.Granted it's no super PC but for normal searching and email works great and I did all the upgrades to it including bios flash have had it since 2001

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