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Acer - Aspire Freezes


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Trying to fix a friends pc that freezes up constantly. Ran a memory test overnight, no errors. Ran a Western Digital hard drive test, complete test, about 3 hrs on a 250g hard drive, no errors. Have gone so far as to format the hard drive, zero write the boot sector and reinstall Vista home premium .... problem remains. Stuck a Windows 7 disk in the machine and installed that OS.... same problem.


Any ideas?

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The Passmark utility tells me there are "No SMART enabled drives". Checked the Bios, SMART was disabled, turned it on but get the same message from Passmark.


The other odd thing I see is that whenever I boot from a cd, there is a delay and a message "verifying DMI pool data". At the moment I'm running a Spinrite scan, from a bootable cd, that will take another 11 hrs to finish.

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