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Opensuse Internet Connection Sharing


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internet connection sharing, that is easy!


no need to tinker with ifup as described here http://en.opensuse.org/ICS


assuming your connected to the net with network manager, doesn't matter how, it can be from an evdo device, usb modem, ethernet, or even wireless, you just wan't to share it with a computer/ computers next to yours.


hardware configuration....... computer with internet> switch/router> computer sharing internet.


steps 1) click network manager icon> hit manage connections> hit wired tab> add and highlight the ethernet you wish to share through> hit edit> hit ip address tab> drop down menu next to method, select shared, hit ok, apply and close all.




Posted Image


step 2) open yast> security and users> firewall> interfaces> change eth0 to external zone> change wlan0 to internal zone.


Posted Image


step 3) click masquerading> put check mark in masquerade networks.



click next, then finish.


your done, the other computer/s will have internet.


edit: i just found that a switch /router is not needed, not even a crossover cable, so as long as the computers network cards are newer, older 10base network cards will need a crossover cable.

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