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Ever tried to leave Facebook and found out they only allow you to "deactivate" your account? All your personal data, including photos, interests, friends etc will still be saved indefinitely! You don’t have to be a conspiracist to find this quite fishy (or simply annoying)!


Go here:



Click "Submit" and follow the instructions.

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If you still have access to your Facebook or any other type of account, don't just delete it as it then becomes out of your control...


Simply chance all your details first, to anything, overwrite pictures with others IE: change them...

If you have a general purpose E-Mail that is disposable, change it too that to.


Wait for all the changes to take affect...

Then and only then, you should be safe to click delete :sparkle: ; as they will not have any current information with regards to yourself.


Good luck




Wise Old Man






Sorry :laughing: Typo's

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