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Turn Your Taskbar Into A Dynamic Ram Meter

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"An interesting freeware app which converts your transplant Windows 7 taskbar into a dynamically changing colored RAM meter. Green denotes Normal, followed by Orange for Warning, and then Red which stands for Critical or high RAM usage. The app offers quite a few customization options. You can make it display the total memory, physical or only virtual memore; change color codes and so on."


Source: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/convert-your-windows-7-taskbar-into-a-dynamic-ram-meter#ixzz1G6vMVlua



Download Here


For More Info.






Source: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/convert-your-windows-7-taskbar-into-a-dynamic-ram-meter#ixzz1G6ubQHdO


*** The application is for Windows 7 ***

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What you did forget to mention is it also has a handy CPU meter.


It will work in x64 versions of Windows 7, and it doesn't show any signs of doing any damage to the computer. The program has not been checked for compatibility to run on a system with DEP enabled.


The RAM Taskbar may work with resolutions up to 1920 pixels across; any screen resolutions higher than than this may cause issues. It will also run when the taskbar is in small-icons mode.

NOTE: Only works with the Windows Aero theme.

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