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Xp Ping Jumps

Guest Raven

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i just moved to Win XP Pro and i am trying to play Counter Strike on the net


well i have the XP problem that is Ping Jumps


how do i fix it ?


pls help me A.S.A.P




Raven :help: :help:

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Guest Andrew00

Yea I have the same problem it jumps from 50 to 500 back and forth I have


Windows Xp Pro

Sbc Yahool Dsl

Using Built in PPPOE that came with xp

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im running


amd athlon 850




voodoo3 16mb (yes i know it blows very bad but it plays plays nicely in win98 on cs)


cable modem (ping in win98 of about 90-100)


not much more i know to tell, but like i said its not lagging, its lag spikes. and it only does it in xp

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Guest ybht_xeno

hey so how the hell do you fix it? oh and do you have a messenger? i have almost all but icq, so leave it in the post and ill add you and we can play cs,

I have quest dsl

hp pavillion

prosavage video card

oh and visit my website it is http://ybht.tripod.com

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i have a Creative Sound Blaster PCI Compact. i think its just a stripped down version of soundblaster 16. i disabled it and it and i get no lag what so ever, but of course no sound which is almost just as bad. i never would have thought about the soundcard doing it. plz reply raven. thx

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well guys here is the fix listen and listen well...


in cs go to conf' there in audio marx -X- in high quality and EAX


all other should be off !!


now go to start - run - write dxdiag


in there go to the tab SOUND - and put the accelartion bar to the min !




Yours Truly,



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