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Install All Your Favorite Software At Once


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Setting a new system?


Setting one up for customers?


Are you a "format junkie"?


When you set up a new system, or format that old one the first time you get to the desktop you often head out to the net to get your favorite apps, or install all your favorite apps from a backup.


It can be an annoying task downloading all those applications, clicking on each installer and waiting for each to do it's thing.


There is a web site, that lets you choose what applications you want, then creates a single .exe file that will pull all those applications in, and install all of them at once.


It is a great way for folks to get their applications and install them quickly. :tup:


The site is called ninite http://ninite.com/

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Best part is, it automatically says no to toolbars and other crap that often comes with windows software.



No Toolbars

Ninite automatically says "No" to toolbars and other junk.



It Updates Too

Just run your Ninite installer again and it will update the apps to their latest versions.



No Signup

Ninite just works. No account, signup, or client needed.



32 and 64-bit

Ninite installs the best version of an app for your PC.




Ninite installs apps in your PC's language.

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I'm a little hurt. Nobody got very excited about Ninite when I posted about it 2009. Guess I didn't spin it correctly (there are at least 2 other posts about it too, but I believe I am still first).


I put it in Windows Tips because it is a Windows installer:





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