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Hey guys, I have a networking issue, I hope you can help me out. :)


Anyways, today my I upgraded my cable service from 25/3 mbit, to 60/5 mbit.

The tech guy came out and swapped a Motorola Surf DOCSIS 2.0 to a new Ubee DOCSIS 3.0 modem. He set up the modem, and got it all connected to the internet.


I ensured it was working and connected my laptop via Gbit line directly to the modem. The speed was awesome and tremendous!


After testing it out, I began to reassemble my wireless network.

Coax -->Ubee Cable Modem-->Ethernet Cable-->Linksys E3000 router.


My problem: I can't get the Linksys to properly connect to the cable modem.

I went to the configuration settings, and under the DCHP IP, DNS, ect, everything is

I have tried resetting both the modem and router. 30-30-30. Default everything.


I can plug my laptop right back in via hardline and it works, but not the router.


I can have a home network just fine, connect to the wireless network just fine..

But the Router won't get assigned an IP address from the cable modem, and I have no idea why. Airgo - I can't access the internet. All I have is a home network with no internet access :(


Anyways, anyone have any ideas as to what is going on?


I am open to all suggestions and ideas guys! So throw them out there.

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