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People Cannot Hear Me On Skype

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Hello everyone,


Mt test result: http://www.pcpitstop.com/betapit/sec.asp?conid=24190511


My test seemed to be ok and I think that tells you my system details, is that right?


My problem: When I use skype people cannot hear me. I use an integrated microphone and whenever I test it it seems to work. I can use windows recorder and it records me speaking no problem, although it is very quiet. I have tried turning up the mic in both skype and windows and that does not help. When I plugged in a headset it made no difference. I am able to hear other people on skype perfectly and all music and movies are fine. If I check the box to listen to my microphone then I get an extremely loud high pitch piercing sound, and have been told that some people hear that when I skype with them. When I go through skype mic setup it tells me that it cannot hear me at all. I have found that if I tap the computer then the microphone levels jump up, and if i put my mouth right next to the mic then it is able to pick it up.


This never used to be a problem and I do not recall any changes etc when I first noticed it.


I have tried updating all the drivers and even re-installing. It seems to me that the mic works but is unable to pick up sound that is more than 20cm away, which it used to be able to do.


In case you do not get the details my system is: Acer aspire 6930G laptop that came with vista but I have since put windows 7 professional 64 bit on it. It has an integrated mic and webcam, and when I make a recording of myself talking using debut video capture software the video it makes is fine.


Thank you for any and all help,


very kind regards,



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Welcome to the Pit, Charlie.


I found a couple work-arounds that may help:

Well for all of you having this problem, be sure that your line-in in the recording tab is disabled, and put your mic as default recording device.

It worked for me. I can't have both (line in and mic) avaible at the same time.



I enable mic boost (+20 dB). Enabling that solved my problems.



Hope either solution helps.


:) Y

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I had the same problem with the wifes laptop recentley..she is running Ubuntu, but the issue turned out to be that the mic input had been muted in one of the installed audio recording programmes. Took the tick out the box and it works fine.

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