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To Use Windows Backup Or...

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I once had software come bundled with my external hard disk when I first started out but... Knowing how far that would go, I cleaned it off and used Windows Backup instead. I was wondering how "safe" those third-party backup utilities are at preserving data, or if they really are saving data exactly as it is on the hard disk. Some of my MP3s gave errors, like I would hear an audible drop-out on some, or when I used them in games, they would abruptly stop immediately as it began playing!


The disk had Western Digital's own My Passport Essential backup software on it. I'm not sure which other external hard disk drive has what on there. Seagate's external disk line is the FreeAgent series.

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It looks like Seagate is using Carbonite Online backup: http://www.carbonite.com/seagate/ph1/signupaa.aspx

You get a 20% discount after the trial, which brings it down to $43.96 ... don't think I'm up for that.


*Note: Carbonite does not back up programs (applications) or external drives.

You can always backup a program/application installer by itself, if needed, tho'.

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Does WD and Seagate come with disk-imaging software? Or, at the very least, software that images the data and all of its metadata on the hard disk, because I have a 1.0 TB volume installed, and all I got is a 500 GB external hard disk! :bawling:


I once tried to run EASEUS Partition Magic up until recent when I found that the free version worked in 32-bit Windows. :grr:

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