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Friday Night Video's

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why is the video not showing

it used too, now i cant seem to get it to show? help!!!!


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all you gotta do is right click in the video and select "copy video URL" then when you go to post click the small square in the upper left corner of the reply box to paste. It'll work...lotsa things about this forum upgrade that we're getting used to. ;)

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Shameless plug for The Merciless Concept:



:) Y


Although I've always been a metal head, I just can't bring myself to listen to this kind of stuff :facepalm:

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Odd cover albums/songs--this should keep you busy for a while, addicting in a creepy way:




Don't miss Pat Boone singin' Smoke on the Water (first time I've ever understood the words, but that's not a good thing)


I'm going to become a huge fan of the Dread Zeppelin (#20 on list) :worship:

What's not to like about a medley of Black Dog/Hound Dog (not here, but you can hear a partial on Amazon)!

These guys are more fun than Weird Al; Dread: The Song Remains Insane

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