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Friday Night Video's

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oh yeah

If that don't get you up and wiggling your tush nothing will.

Oh great. Lovely visual you gave me there, Juliet. Don't worry, I will not post the vid from that band that was a guy and his brother and the singer loved to "shake his little tush on the catwalk". Hell no!

It's not Friday night anyway yet, so no vid - but the last post was from an admin, and who better to pose a question to? Can anyone explain why it seems like every vid in this thread is in HTML5 format? I can watch them all here with Firefox, but in all other websites the vids are in Flash Player, which makes me need to use Chromium.


Thanks in advance for any answer, and I'll probably come back after work and post a vid for your enjoyment. For the love of all things holy, I promise it will definitely not be "Fireworks" by Katy Perry.


P.S. > That Frampton was cool.

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