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Friday Night Video's

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To hell with all y'alls hating on Eddie in some other thread - this is MUSIC!

And to the Teas, y'alls know Cat Stevens is Yusuf Islam and a Muslim today? Who cares - not me. Music is music, it belongs to all of us.

This song does speak loudly to me though. I can't help it that I ain't exactly right, music like this shows me that I am not alone. Hail Vedder!

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Here ya go Kurt......


Can't believe this was over 2 years ago. I was in the VIP circle at the front; paid over £300 for the ticket. Notice how quiet the crowd are until the mighty 'G' appears in the spotlight...good times!


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Damn, Nigel - I asked for it and you brought it. The crowd went nuts when David appeared.

I hope you're not offended that I call you Nigel. nigsy is just too close to a racial slur where I live. In fact, I was going to post in honor of you for delivering the Gilmour/Waters one song reunion, a song called "Making Plans For Nigel", but since I don't know what sort of plans they were making for him (maybe devious and quite naughty), I refrained.


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