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Friday Night Video's

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Misery Signals ~ Ebb and Flow




Revive a sense of hopeAmids these abandoned dreamsRewrite what it is to feelIn hopes it will carry me homein hopes . .it will . .. . CARRY ME HOME ~Drift in and outThe light of morning drags me backI need releaseSeparate this body from my mindSend me home x 2My conscience there to send me off to sleepWhen I need you closerFor when I wake I am greeted by shades of greyI'll return to you x 2In dreams, the sun sets in our eyesIn dreams, we'll never be apartIn dreams, I'll promise you'll never be aloneHow much I wish your voice could send me home


Happy Heavy Friday! :rocks:


:) Y

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Maybe not such a cool video as far as a video goes, but I know there are oldheads on here that remember Badfinger and their first hit "Come And Get It". They did not write it. This is the original demo of the song. All instruments and vocals performed solo by the man who wrote the song, Paul McCartney. I think this version kills the one that got on the radio, but let the Pit be the judge.



I got this from YouTube by George Martin channel. I think it's actually the real George Martin.

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