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Hp Simplepass And Google Chrome

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The only thing keeping me from moving over to Chrome now is the lack of compatibility with my fingerprint scanner. I remember readign something(good while ago) that said that the problem was more of an issue on the HP end than google, so I tried to uninstall my version and get the newest SimplePass(which was released before I bought this computer), and after all of the annoying uninstallation/reinstallation issues I was left with exactly the same problem, with the only difference being a garrish user interface and annoying taskbar icon.


So I am going to reinstall my old "pretty" version, but I really would like to use Chrome over IE. So is there any known work around to get SimplePass to recognize password fields in Chrome? Or is there some other print scanning software that is compatible with Chrome? I somehow doubt that any non HP application would mesh with the user login too well, though... I use this feature much too often to just drop it completely, and would greatly appreciate any advice from anyone who knows anything about it.


EDIT: Fantastic...there seems to be some error in reinstalling my original version...so maybe I won't have an *option* about losing this feature...

Error 1722 to be specific. Never understood why error messages don't have selectable text...

EDIT:: Thankfully everything still works as it used to, so at least I'm back to my original problem.

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