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Goggle Chrome • See Hidden Windows Files Easily


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By default, Windows has a lot of important files hidden, to keep itself away from both mess and danger.


So whenever a user wants to check hidden files, it takes some digging, like: open Windows Explorer then go to Organize > Folder and search options > View > Advanced settings and tick Show hidden, files, or drivers.


If one also wants to see the protected system files, it takes the same path except the final step: Hide protected system files (Recommended) should be unticked.


Well, here's a nice way to see hidden files skipping all those steps. Simply open Google Chrome and type in the address bar: C:


Chrome will show your C: drive content in Explorer-like view, including hidden and protected system files.


Posted Image


Chrome showing two hidden and protected system files: hiberfil.sys and pagefile.sys


This way you can see but not change the files. Furthermore, not every folder or file is shown by this method–for obvious reasons.


But this can be handy when you need to see some hidden files. For example, to check apps leftovers, unknown or strange files you're uncertain about, etc.

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