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[Help] Having Problem To Connect To The Internet

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firstly i'm sorry if this topic is already being ask.. but i just can't find it anywhere. :mrsgreen::mrsgreen:

i'm using ADSL modem 2/2+ DB102.


My problem is my laptop can connect to the internet but only for a minutes, then my sister's laptop internet connection will also lost and can't connect again to the internet line.

if my laptop internet line is off. my sister's can access the internet as long as she want.. but if my laptop internet connection is on i can get the connection for about 5-10 minutes then my sis laptop will also lost the connection..


i need to restart the modem to get back the connection for my sister laptop.


i dont think that the modem is a problem because if i turn off my laptop internet connection my sister can use the internet line by using her laptop.


so this problem have given me a headache.. i really need help.. :mrsgreen::mrsgreen::mrsgreen:


i'm using Dell Studio 1555.

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