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Alas, Back Again.


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I unfortunately find myself here again as my computer is acting up once more.

I followed every "safe computer techniques" step that was provided LAST time my computer was infected, but I find that now, certain programs choose not to work.

I was just on youtube, for instance, the other day. worked fine. Now it wont work and provides an 'error has occurred' message. this is on firefox, but i can get it to work on IE.


as well, certain apps via facebook don't like to work now.

All scans turn up negative, which makes me think there's something deeper.


these programs have all worked just recently in the past, and i'm concerned as to why they'd all of a sudden quit.


all help is much appreciated.



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OK, thank you for informing us. :)


If in the future you require assistance, please read this topic:-


Before Posting Your Hijackthis Log - Read This!


Then create a new topic and post the appropriate logs in this part of the forum:-


HijackThis Logs


Then please wait patiently until a approved helper is available to assist you, thank you.

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