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Cyber Defender

Y kawika

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I'm not sure precisely how Cyber Defender made it's way onto the clients computer, other than what I was told. She was attempting to update her Avira anti-virus and evidently a "drive-by" scan ensued.

Notified that infections were detected, she clicked to clean them.


Cyber Defender was downloaded and installed. When she was asked for money in order to remove the infected items, she found a number and called support.

They walked her through removal through add/remove programs.


Her computer was suddenly running like sludge and getting to her homepage took forever.


I found 3 services related to the program still running in the background and mysteriously her Malwarebytes Anti-Malware program could no longer update. It still opened and ran, but froze up. Windows Firewall was disabled.


My suspicion is that these scumbags have got a new partner that's taking a very aggressive approach to marketing their product though "scareware" and "drive-by" tactics.


Bad publicity is right Joe, but I found some bad ones from '08, and if you skip to the last couple of pages, suddenly you see an increase in the complaints pouring in from just the last 90 days. Here>> http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/cyberdefender-c95821.html


Sickening :nospys:


:) Y

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It is considered rouge. Unless a Pro version is bought it wont remove anything it finds as malicious. Then again I wouldn't trust what it finds since it's not on any list of trusted programs.


I use WOT on my Laptop, when I used Google to search, anything related to the name CyberDefender was RED


MBAM is usually needed to remove it.

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Cyber Defender probably is another rouge program and they used a name already being used, These guys must be getting hard up for naming their malware, there must be over a 100 different names for this identical crap now. They are even using the Security Essentials name too

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This is interesting. MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed both install applications that Vipre Premium blocks. I would have your friend post in the HJT forum to remover the leftovers.


CyberDefender Threatens Consumer Advocate With Defamation Claim - http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20100329/1824218775.shtml


The article above is linked to this one.


UPDATED: Beware of MyCleanPC.com and DoubleMySpeed.com – Same Scam, Same Company

By Allen Harkleroad



UPDATE April 3, 2010 – To clarify. [NOTE: I Videotaped both processes outlined below]. I setup a computer and installed Windows 7 and used Windows Update to patch the machine. I installed basic software like anti virus software and the like. Mind you this computer had only been running a new operating system for about 24 hours. I then proceed to go to MyCleanPC and installed their CyberDefender (same software on both MyCleanPC and DoubleMySpeed). The scan proceed and finished. The scan claimed that nearly 1,000 errors were found on this freshly setup machine. I click the “fix” button on the scanner software and it took me to a website where I could purchase (i.e. activate) the software. The page had other software as well pre-checked for purchase to the tune of $89.00 and change. Since I wasn’t going to buy the software I tried to close the page that the scanner sent me to, the page threw a pop-up window that wouldn’t let me close the window, the pop-up had only an “Okay” button to click (to talk to a sale rep). I was pretty much trapped and my only alternative was to click “OK” and listen to a high pressure sales pitch. Well, not quite, I opened the Windows Task Manager and killed the web browser process, which of course killed the page I couldn’t escape from.


I then proceed to installed the MyCleanPC software on a fully patched Windows XP machine that I rarely used just to see what happen. Other than installing software I use nothing else had been installed and no software had been uninstalled on the machine. It does have anti virus software on it. The CyberDefender software found over “3,000” errors on a machine that runs perfectly fine, never had software uninstalled and rarely was on the Internet. When I clicked the “Fix / Activate” button in the CyberDefender software I was again presented with the up-sell page with $89.00+ check out page, when I tried to close the Window the web page attempted to trap me again. I killed the process in task manager to escape.


When uninstalling the MyCleanPC / DoubleMySpeed software, I was again presented with a confusing uninstaller that tried it’s best to keep me from uninstalling. After Uninstalling I had to go trough both computers registries to clean up the “CyberDefender” left-overs in the registry.


I video-taped the entire process on both machines including the uninstall weirdness.


The MyCLeanPC and DoubleMySpeed TV commercials (I videotaped them as well for future reference) claims that the CyberDefender software also cleans email viruses and other nasties. It appeared to me when running both scans on both computers that the software only scanned the registry and nothing else at all. Seems a bit deceptive to me to make claims that the software doesn’t actually do.


The entire process from start to finish smells of scam to me and I stand by my opinion that it is a scam.


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