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Latest Ssd Benchmarks From Tom's Hardware

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I'm still seeing Intel has outstanding benchmarks for booting, gaming, and applications. Though with the slow write speed maybe I should go with something more in the middle like the end of the article suggests. Anyone have any input and experience with the recommended SSD's? Not planning to buy any atm, I'm just checking out the latests benchmarks to get an idea of what's currently good in the market.

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I have 3 indilinx based OCZ turbos in raid in my system.

They pull off 240read/140write each - max out combined at about 660-680 read/380-400 write.


You can't do trim in RAID, but all the them have GC on, and my system is just as responsive now as it was when I installed windows 7 on day one. (about 9 months now).


Even the slowest SSD's have faster write speeds than a conventional hard drive, and where it really matters, the 4kb or 512kb I/O.


Anyways, I am getting ready to buy a nice 90-120GB drive as a boot disk for my laptop.

I'll probably go sandforce. Intel is just too expensive for me.


OCZ has been number one for mainstream SSDs since day one. Best customer service, and most all around knowledge.

I've had nothing but amazing interactions on them, and they send me a new drive when a flash bricked mine.

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TRIM would be nice, but GC does work.

You just have to let your system idle at the login screen for about an hour and the OCZ drives clean themselves up.

After 9 months, I still run at about 92-95% of the initial set-ups performance - which is still a whopping 600+ mb/s read time/350 write.


My point basically is fallout...

1 of these new sandforce based drives will make your entire computing experience 5 times faster.



Boot up times are incredible.

(about 7.5seconds for me) (vs about 20-30 seconds without - that was with 4 conventional drives in raid.)


Application launch times are faster. (instantly at the click of the icon)

Interestingly enough, when I login to a desktop, I can just click on all the apps I like to have open right down the taskbar and they all open instantly.

I login; click skype, steam, chrome, iTunes, by the time I am done clicking iTunes, all the former apps are open, logged in and ready to go.


Installing is fast. (that little install bar flies by)

Half the time I install an app (especially a downloaded one where its just reading and writing from the SSD's) I don't even see the install bar I just click next and its done.


Load/edit videos and photos fast. (never have I ever had a smooth experience with adobe premiere pro or Photoshop before my SSD.)


Take the plunge. You don't need a massive media drive..just one that you can run your OS and your everyday apps off of.

Also, another note. Linux...is even more ridiculously responsive with an SSD.

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Hmm Intel had my hopes up. Their wording confused me lol I'm thinking about putting together a new build but I'm always thinking about it even after I finish one. :P There's so much stuff going on with it right now it doesn't seem prudent or cost effective to invest in it just yet. Plus I'm not looking forward to having to reinstall stuff even if it does happen much quicker. I like my mess of apps and random gadgets.

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