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Help ! Need To Remove Win32/patched.fr In Winlogon.exe


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HELP !! My computer seems to have a virus that is detected by AVG as "Threat detected C:\windows\system32\winlogon.exe win32/patched.fr detected on open". Whilst AGV detects it I have not yet been able to get rid of the virus using either AVG, Spybot.


When the computer boots up all seems fine for a while until you try to do anything and then all hell breaks lose ! I get very slow repsonse, the PC tries to install Microsoft office, won't open IE without showing errors. Every time I try to do anything I get the same AVG error message coming up of "threat detected".


When I reboot in safe mode I am able to move around freely with no virus warnings but obviously can't solve the problem whilst in safe mode.


Please help, thanks


Oh, forgot to add that I am using a different PC to access the internet and post here at the minute as I can't get the internet on the affected PC at the minute but I can download to this PC and transfer files if necessary to help me solve the problem.

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